Sister Bay Furniture Co



The project aimed to enhance the online presence and brand identity of Sister Bay Furniture Company through a comprehensive website redesign and the development of a revamped guideline for brand standards. The redesigned website focused on providing a user-friendly platform to showcase the company's diverse furniture offerings, while highlighting their expertise in site planning and consultations. By incorporating these services into the website, Sister Bay Furniture Company effectively positioned itself as a comprehensive solution provider for both residential and commercial clients. The project successfully modernized the company's digital presence, established consistency in brand standards, and reinforced their commitment to delivering exceptional furniture solutions tailored to their customers' unique needs.


Catalog Design
Collateral Design
Environmental Design
Graphic Design
UX Design
Web Design
Branding · Catalog Design · Collateral Design · Environmental Design · Graphic Design · UX Design · Web Design


Adobe InDesign
Adobe XD
Adobe InDesign · Adobe XD · Elementor · WordPress


Stephanie Tock, Leticia Velasco, Jamie Hazelwood, Joe Ludwig, Lincoln Thieler, Dylan Wilcox, Allison Frowein, Cici Woods
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