Small Shops United


Small Shops United is a program that is designed to support small businesses in the Milwaukee area. The program offers rewards or incentives for customers who shop at participating small businesses, which can help to promote local economic development and can also provide an additional source of revenue for small businesses. The founder of SSU tasked me with a variety of projects during the company's startup phase and later during a rebranding and upgrade of its services.

Melody Sorenson, a fellow Milwaukee-based designer and illustrator, established the aesthetic and style which was incorporated into SSU's later look from 2017 to present. Many of the earlier illustrations and designs remain unused or were used very briefly between 2011-2017 while Small Shops United transitioned into its latest iteration, Geddit Local.

Collateral Design
Graphic Design
Logo Design
UX Design
Collateral Design · Graphic Design · Illustration · Logo Design · UX Design
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Adobe Illustrator · Adobe InDesign · Adobe Photoshop · Adobe XD
Melody Sorenson (illustration, design)

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